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by cicerone-e
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2005年 04月 11日 ( 1 )


There are a lots of Ohanami (Cherry blossom viewing ) spots in the area around Tama-Center station (Keio line, Odakyu line). I don't think I can introduce every single Ohanami spot, so let me introduce some of them where you can go there by walking.

After you go out from the West exit of Tama-Center station, move down the stairs in front of you, and turn right. Go down only several meters, then you will see a street lined with cherry trees along Kotta river, which runs parallel to railroad ( left on the icture).

Surprisingly, this street with lined cherry blossom leads to Nagayama station, the next station toTama-Center station. If you just keep on walking on the street, you can only see a row of cherry trees, so after you take a walk for a while, let's make an u-turn and go back to the Tama Center .

After you return to Tama-Center station, walk down "Parthenon avenue " which is famous for beautiful illumination in winter period, and head to "Parthenon Tama". "Parthenon Tama"is a cultural institution which has some large and small theaters. Behind the building, there is "Tama Chuo Koen (Park) ", a large park with a big pond and vast lawn.
There are some interesting spots in the park. "Green Live Center " is a small botanic garden, and there is also an exhibition of the removed and constructed old Japanese style house and garden - used to be owned by Tomizawa family, who was one of the Japan's old noble family.

Going through Tama Chuo Koen, then you go to residential area from the side of a welfare and pension institution "Wel Sunpia Tama". The residential area is designed in European-style. Please enjoy the cityscape while you are exploring the area. (Upper right of the picture)

After you go down the residential area toward south, you will see a playground on your right side. And there is "Takarano Koen(Park) " down the road (lower left of the picture). You will be surprised to see that the park is filled with cherry blossoms.

The lawn in the center of the park is surrounded by cherry trees, and there is also a pathway lined with cherry trees - that creates" Cherry Blossom Tunnel ". Takarano Koen is connected to "Narahara Koen (Park) " with a bridge, and the Cherry Blossom Tunnel continues even further than the end of Narahara Koen.

Cherry blossom season is going to continue, but unfortunately, recently we often have bad weather. But you can also enjoy walking around these spots in other seasons. There is also "Tsurumaki Higashi koen(Park)" on the north of Naranaha Koen, and "Tsurumaki Nishi Koen(Park)", and Tama Chuo Koen on the west. Enjoy a nice walk in nature!

Takarano Koen(Park)
address: 5 Ochiai, Tama-shi

Narahara Koen(Park)
address:4 Tsurumaki, Tama-shi

Both have restrooms and free parking (not very large). There is also a pay parking at Wel Sunpia: Parking will be free by using facilities in Wel Sunpia
including hot spring. It is also nice to soak in a hot springs after you enjoy walking.
by cicerone-e | 2005-04-11 12:14 | walking