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2005年 04月 13日 ( 1 )


"Cafe du Soeur" is located near Hyappon - Shidare.It is easier to find the cafe by going back to Enokido Koen direction, and walking past the residential area then heading to Karakida Station direction from drive way.

The cafe is fitted with glasses and the inside is filled with sunlight and gracefulness. Highly selected table wares are also very nice. Green Tea au lait (630 yen) is served in small cafe au lait cup. There are 5 different kinds of cake of the day, and you can order it with a drink (850 yen). I ordered a pumpkin cake and a cup of coffee. The pumpkin cake had natural and gentle sweet smell, and the coffee smelled like it was brewed from high quality coffee beans.

Weekday lunch sets starts from 800 yen. The other lunch courses that you can try even on the weekends are from 2,000 yen.. There are also dinner course menus, as well as a la carte menus, such as pasta dishes.

Every Thursday, a piano recital is held at this cafe, and sometimes it holds an event like a live concert. Interestingly, sometimes they do fortune tellings too! (reservation is required) You can also rent the entire cafe space for having private party. Some people use this place for wedding party.

I can feel that the cafe owner truly loves this cafe and people who visit here.
Cafe de Soeur is the place where we can feel the hospitality of the cafe owner.

Cafe du Soeur
address:1-7-1 Karakida, Tama-shi
access:3 min walk form Odakyu-line, Karakida Station
open: Tue- Sat 10:30AM-10PM、Sun, national holidays 11AM-8PM
close: Monday(Except national holidays)、the third Tuesday of every month.
Parking space is available.
by cicerone-e | 2005-04-13 11:09 | eating and drinking