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by cicerone-e
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2005年 04月 20日 ( 2 )

-How to cook Monja-

Those of you who are living in Tokyo might know what Monja is like, and how to cook it. But when I take my friends came from other prefecture to Monja place, they often say, "Is this fully cooked??", or " It doesn't really look good !" But actually, this is fully cooked and you are ready to eat... So
let me explain how to cook Monja.
1)Here is the Monja. After hot plate is heated, oil it lightly.
2)Stir fry all the ingredients. But leave the liquid in the bowl.
3)After vegetables are wilted, create a "bank" to make a hole the middle.
4)Mix well the liquid, and pour it into the hole slowly
5)Wait for a while, and after it is cooked and thickened, mix up
6)Now you are ready to eat! Use small spatula to eat. Scrape the scorched part, it also tastes good!

Others (Anzu-Maki)
Anzu Maki (Apricot compote roll) is like a Japanese style crepe. Make a large piece of crepe and put apricots in the middle and roll it up. After you cut it in bite size pieces, put some syrup on the top. This is the standard way to cook, but I like smaller piece of Anzu Maki, so I usually make a few small piece of Anzu Maki.
1)Take some crepe mixture, and spread it out on hot plate with the back of a spoon
2)Put some apricot compotes in the middle after crepe is cooked.
3)Roll it up and put some syrup on the top. Even if you are already full,
I am sure your stomach has a room for desert!! !
by cicerone-e | 2005-04-20 11:02 | other
As you go southwest from Tsukuda Jima, you will see the "Monja" town Tsukishima.
"Nishinaka-dori Shotengai" is the main street of Monja town, and from 1st street to the 4th street, there are long lines of Monja restaurants on both sides of the street.
After a long time since I have visited Tsukishima last time, there was a huge condominium built in the 1st street.... The landscape of Tsukishima has changed a lot, but in the 1st floor of the huge condominium, there was a central office of tsukishima Monja Association, so that Monja is still kicking and alive in this area..

Nishinaka-Dori Shotengai is surely one of the fun place to visit, but the most attractive part of Tsukishima is narrow pathways extended from main street. The pathway has a width only enough for one person to get through, and it is filled with old down town atmosphere. The narrow pathway arouse curiosity of person like me, who loves small path because it excites me about where this pathway is taking me to, and what is up there.

It is always very hard to choose which Monja restraint I should go, because there are so many of them. Should I select one favorite restaurant and go there all the time? or should I try every single one of them??
This time, I went the Monja restaurant called "Kataoka" located behind the main street. After you enjoy Monja (from 550 yen), please try Anzu Maki (Apricot compote roll) Also this restaurant has a unique menu called "Anko maki and chou ice?" (Red bean roll with ice cream puff) which was registered to utility design! But I recommend you to have sweet and sour Anzu Maki, it tastes so good!! Or you can also try simple Anko Maki (Red bean roll)
Kaisen Monja Kataoka
address: 1-25-9 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku
access: 3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line, Tsukishima Station,
Exit # 5
open: 5PM-10PM(Weekday)、12AM-10PM (Weekend and holidays)
by cicerone-e | 2005-04-20 10:35 | walking